Lab Alumni


Former Post-docs:

Dr. Meaghan Adams, Manager of Simulation and Virtual Learning, Baycrest Centre

Dr. Stefania Moro, Assistant Professor, Algoma University

Dr. Sumona Mukhopadhyay, Assistant Professor, CalState-San Luis Obispo

Dr. Danielle Dobney, Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Marc Dalecki, Currently: Vice-President for Research and Education, German University of Health and Sports, Berlin

Dr. Casper de Boer, Research scientist, VUMedical Centre, Amsterdam, NL

Dr. Bogdan Neagu, Research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry

Doctoral graduates:

Alica Rogojin, PhD. (graduated 2022) Postdoctoral researcher, Baycrest Centre

Alanna Pierias, Ph.D. (graduated 2021) Physiotherapy student, McMaster University

Johanna Hurtubise, Ph.D. (graduated 2018) Faculty, Camosen College, Victoria BC

Joshua Granek, Ph.D. (graduated fall 2013) Research scientist, DRDC Toronto

Patricia Sayegh, Ph.D.  (graduated 2014)

Kara Hawkins, Ph.D.  (graduated 2015)

Michael Vesia, Ph.D. (graduated 2010) Assistant Professor, University Michigan Ann Arbor

Billijohn Tippet, Ph.D. (graduated 2006)

Diana Gorbet, Ph.D. (graduated 2006) Research Scientist & MRI analyst, York University

MSc graduates:

Harit Ahuja, MEng

Miracle Ozzoude, MA

Ghazal Adibmoradi, MSc

Payal Goyal, MEng

Mahima Chaudhary, MEng

Sijad Ghani, MSc

Andrea Cavaliere, MSc  (graduated 2018)

Lina Deker, MA (interdisciplinary studies prog,2018)

Holly Echlin, MSc  (graduated 2018)

Mani Kang, M.Sc. (graduated 2016)

David Albines, M.Sc. (graduated 2014)

Jeffrey Brown, M.Sc. (graduated summer 2012)

Farah Islam, M.Sc. (graduated fall 2010)

Yashar Salek, M. Sc.(graduated fall 2008)

Xiaomu Ma, M.Sc. (graduated winter 2007)

Kim McCullough, M.Sc. (graduated fall 2007)

Mera Barr, M.Sc. (graduated fall 2005)

Seana Rossi, M.Sc. (graduated fall 2005)